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Privacy Policy

This page informs you of the privacy policy of Belmont Hotel Boracay, under the Megaworld Corporation.
This policy is prepared to comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), enacted by Congress in August 2012 as Republic Act No. 10173, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (“IRR”), issued by the National Privacy Commission.
Personal Data
Belmont Hotel Boracay values the privacy and confidentiality of its members’ Personal Data. This includes but is not limited to:
– Member’s name
– Birthdate
– Marital Status
– Biological Gender
– Biological Age
– Permanent and Current Home Address
– Landline and Mobile Numbers
– Email Address
– Company of employment
– Office Address
– Occupation and position
Personal Data Other than Yours
Personal data submitted by our members may also include but are not limited to:
– Your spouse’s name
– Dependent’s name/s
– Children’s name/s
– Parent/s name/s
By submitting the above Personal Data, you attest that these parties have explicitly given you consent to process his or her Personal Data in accordance with our privacy policy.
By providing Belmont Hotel Boracay with your Personal Data, through the use of our services and/or programs throughout your continued membership to Belmont Hotel Boracay, you hereby confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions stated within this Privacy Policy.
You will also explicitly consent and authorize Belmont Hotel Boracay to process and use your Personal Data.
Belmont Hotel Boracay may collect your Personal Data through the means including not limited to the following:
– Printed registration forms at the Belmont Hotel Boracay.
  • Online registration forms at the Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website (both desktop and mobile).
  • Interactions with our concierge agents through phone, email, chat, and social media accounts.
  • Availing of offers, promos, benefits, and services offered by Belmont Hotel Boracay.
  • Responses and submission of information through surveys, printed or digital (through email, social media polls, or Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website, both desktop and mobile).
  • Provided information via other requests, complaints and inquiries.
  • Visits and use of our website, social media sites and other digital platforms.
  • Social media via tagging, reposting or mentioning Belmont Hotel Boracay, its subsidiaries and partners on any social media account.
  • Website analytics tools
  • IP addresses
  • Cookies
Use and Disclosure of Personal Data
Belmont Hotel Boracay may disclose its member’s Personal Data to the following:
– Its employees
– Duly authorized representatives
– Related companies (including member-companies)
– Assignees and 3rd party service providers.
Personal Data Protection
Belmont Hotel Boracay is committed to protecting the privacy of all submitted Personal Data by its members. This includes Personal Data transferred to 3rd parties performing services on behalf of Belmont Hotel Boracay.  
Any Personal Data provided to Belmont Hotel Boracay as stated in the COLLECTION section of this policy will be processed only for the declared purpose for its collection.
Belmont Hotel Boracay will process Personal Data according to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality.
Any activity by the member on Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website or social media platforms will not result in the member’s name being added to a mailing list, unless the member specifically requests Belmont Hotel Boracay to do so.
Belmont Hotel Boracay will not provide or sell any Member’s collected Personal Data to any unrelated or unauthorized 3rd party.
All such persons or service providers that Belmont Hotel Boracay is affiliated with are required to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all Members’ Personal Data as stated in this Privacy Policy.
Protection Measures
Belmont Hotel Boracay maintains the following measures (including but not limited to) to ensure protection of our Members’ Personal Data against disclosure, loss, theft, unauthorized access, modification or usage:
– Password encryption of data
– Restricted file access to authorized employees
– Firewall security
– Regular audit trails
These implemented measures may still be subject to human and operational error and are not completely foolproof. Belmont Hotel Boracay has taken contingencies to prevent unauthorized access, improper processing, or usage of Members’ Personal Data through the above stated measures.
Withdrawal of Consent
Members can withdraw consent of Personal Data storage and usage from Belmont Hotel Boracay at any time via a request through
Depending on the nature of your withdrawal, Belmont Hotel Boracay may not be in a position to continue to extend our benefits and services to you.
3rd Parties
Sites, services and/or other platforms accessed through Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website may have been independently developed by other 3rd parties.
Belmont Hotel Boracay has no control over and does not maintain these sites and platforms. Henceforth, Belmont Hotel Boracay will not be responsible for the privacy and policies and practices of these 3rd parties.
This privacy policy only applies to Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website. Members are advised to study these 3rd party privacy policies at their own discretion.
Data Availability
Personal Data submitted or published in the Belmont Hotel Boracay website may be available worldwide via internet access and/or Cloud Storage services.
Belmont Hotel Boracay does not have nor maintain control over the use and misuse of such information.
Belmont Hotel Boracay website uses cookies i.e. identifier data, stored in the memory of the device you use when you visit and access our sites.
Cookies are used to recognize the devices you use in order to improve your user experience. These may also provide information to the owners of the site.
These cookies are encrypted and do not save any Personal Data about you. Please note that If you disable or block cookies, you will not be unable to access the full services of Belmont Hotel Boracay’s website.
Contact Us
If you have questions about Belmont Hotel Boracay’s Privacy Policy Statement, or Belmont Hotel Boracay’s data processing methods, you can contact us by sending us an email at .

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